Latino Timeline

The Latino Experience : (1910 - 2015)

Assigning La Casa's success to one individual or a handful of individuals would do an injustice to the hundreds who have woven the best part of themselves to the strength and viability of the center and the Bloomington campus. In their honor a committee has been formed to develop an exhibit which will highlight the many contributions made by Latinos to the Indiana University community. Latino Experience at IU is a photo and history exhibit created to showcase the Latino presence at Indiana University-Bloomington.

To make sure that this exhibit is as inclusive as possible we need your help. Do you have pictures or stories that you can share as part of this exhibit and archive? Your photographs/stories may become part of the exhibit and/or the Latino Alumni Web site. Many of us within the Latino community know of our pride and history at Indiana University. It is our hope that through the exhibit, we will also be able to share this with the rest of the world. Help us spread the word. For more information on the exhibit and/or reunion you can also contact me at 812-855-0174 or by email at Keep in touch and hope to see you at the next reunion.


Lillian Casillas
Director, La Casa