Latine Retreat

Usually held on the second weekend of the fall semester, this event provides an opportunity for new and returning students to connect with each other, develop skills and begin identifying support systems for the coming school year.


Colectiva Dinners

Held monthly, the Colectiva Dinners give Latine students an opportunity to meet new and returning students, foster a sense of community, and discuss issues that impact Latines on campus and beyond.

Latino Male Initiative

Through meetings with other Latino men in the IU community, this effort helps participants develop a support system, create positive social interactions and provide opportunities for growth.


Latina Initiative

The mission of the Latina Initiative is to cultivate connections with other women in the IU Bloomington community, as well as to provide opportunities for personal and academic development.


Latinx Initiative

This group provides a safe space for LGBTQ+ Latino students, faculty, and staff from all areas of the campus. Through meaningful interactions, the effort strives to be a conduit for LGBTQ+ Latinos in the Indiana University community to develop a support system, have fun, and explore opportunities to educate, advocate, and grow.

National Hispanic Latine Heritage Month

La Casa/Latino Cultural Center collaborates with other departments and organizations from September 15 to October 15 to recognize the contributions of Hispanics and Latines.

Dia de los Muertos

The Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, celebrates ancestors and family. This event features traditional altars, food, and activities such as making papel picado, masks, and other folk art.

Cesar Chavez Series

Held during the month of March, this program commemorates and encourages Latine activism.

La Casa Garden

Helps students learn about the natural world, sustainability, and gardening concepts. Food products from garden is used for programs at the center and for students to take home. Participation also promotes healthy eating and physical activity.

Latine Congratulatory Celebration

Graduating Latine undergraduate and graduate students are recognized in a celebration with family and friends.